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*6 Months Later*

I'm getting real good at playing the Sims a shitton, then forgetting about it entirely for MONTHS on end, then getting into it again, rinse and repeat. But we're back into it again now, so hey, time for a post.

Happily (?) not a WHOLE lot has gone on in my recent playing, so there's not 400 million pictures needing posted and confusing family tree shit to detangle and try to make sense of.

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So, hey, I actually finally fucking finished something. How crazy is that? It's in process of going up on THF right now, so I thought that I should remember to come over here and throw it up all fast like so you guys get it first, like you have been so far. <3 (but if you want to comment over there, too, I won't smack the keyboard out of your hands. ;) )

One, Two, Three, Four

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Sims Post of Postyness

I will admit in the here and now that I have no goddamn clue what's been going on, and I've been slacking YET AGAIN on playing in favour of playing 7 Days to Die. Zombies > Sims? ik.

And, DUDES, you know my mad fear of driving into a body of water? Guess who totally cruised their sweet motorbike into a lake in 7 Days to Die? YEP, ME. I had to drain a section of the water to get it back. Fucking horror show right there.

So,, anyway, judging by the last post I made, when last we left my Sims, all the kids had aged up, except for Iris who totally just died. Katia and Osvaldo were de-vamped, but left immortal, and moved out of the old family homestead so I could focus on another generation. After all, I think, what, like 13 kids is PROBABLY enough. I also had aged them up into elders just to put a stop to their mad boning spree and shut down the baby factory. Then the game glitched out and I THOUGHT it was because of them, so I reloaded and just moved them out as was and went on with things, BUT it turned out that the girl I was marrying Elliott off to was borked, so it wasn't them at all! But they're still off in the wilds being adults instead of elders. They haven't gone about having more kids, though, so that's something.

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Since Origin was having a sale this..week? month? Whatever its time frame was, Jer got me the Sims 4 (or, really, got it for Mally, because I'm still content with 3. I have TONS of CC for 3 and I can't even change clothing patterns in 4), so...maybe Sims posts from there? I made a dude, his name is Damion. I got as far as making him and building him a house before I decided I'd kinda rather make dinner. >_> The controls are all weird and wonky and I'm being resistant to change. Chaaaaange. D:

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Super Mini Sims Posr

So, my last post here (and watching Dan and Phil play) made me want to play the Sims again, so I did! But, for like an hour, and then I had to go to the store with Jer.

BUT, having been out of the game and away from that family for SO LONG broke my emotional ties with them, so, like, they could all kinda die and I'd be like 'huh, sucks. Well, moving on', whereas before I would have been all 'NO, FUCK YOU, GAME, RELOADING.' AS SUCH, I've decided that it's time for Osvaldo and Katia to step aside and let the next generation take over the torch. So they've both been devamped so they can get old and die and make everyone sad.

BUT v2, vampires are kind of super annoying when you can't have them out in the sun ever, and there's a lifetime reward you can get so they can go out in the sun without ill effect and, oh, idk, learn to garden and fish and outdoor crap like that. Unfooooortunately it also makes them sort of...immortal. Forever. So, even as humans, they never age. So devamping them means NOTHING because they're STILL never going to age.


So I figure I'll wait for the girls to age up, then go build mum and dad a nice retirement cottage, CAS age them into elders, and then move them off to live out their eternal dotage in peace. And, like, maybe send a cat with them or something. idk.

Also, it turns out that Katia's eyes aren't all that much less dead husky blue than they were as a vampire. Pictures later.

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Ridiculously Belated Sims Post

So, yeah, four months, that is a while. AND I haven't actually played in all that time, but the act of resizing, cropping, and uploading photos has just been waaaaaay more effort than I can handle lately. Is it sad? Yeah. Is it a little pathetic? Yup. Is that just my life? Pretty much.

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Moving on Up

It's been awhile, but it's Sims Post time again!

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For Realsie Sims Post

Wow, I went back to see what had happened since the last time I posted, and it's been about a million years, hasn't it? I either need to get better at thinking to post, or just post monthly HUGETASTIC posts, neither of which is going to happen because I know that I'm a slack.

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Another Mini Sims Post

I can't even pretend to have the energy or gumption to sit down, crop, resize, and upload the 400 million screenshots that I have waiting for my next Sims post, but I did want to talk about something super fast.

I didn't know this, but apparently plenty of other people did, but DID YOU KNOW that if you turn on the cheats (testingcheatsenabled true) you can go into your relationships and set them to whatever the fuck you want? Got an Opportunity to become best friends with someone? As long as you've talked once you can just pop in there and set yourself to BFFs with a click. AND you can do the same thing with your needs, though in that case you have to click and drag the bar into place instead of just clicking somewhere on the bar to set it. I'd never have to eat again! Or accidentally forget that a Sim had work at ridiculous AM and have them go to bed mega late!

Another fun thing, when I was looking at the Badges the other day (it's worked it's way into being my new goal of the game now that we're running low on vamps and such), and there was one called 'Swan Dive' where you need to have a non Supernatural lady Sim date and make out with a vampire, break up with them, then date and make out with a werewolf, then break up with them, then marry a vampire. I totally made a quick new Sim house (Edwob Cuack, Balah Swoon, and Charlilse Bullen; thank you, Cleolinda) and bashed that one out in like an hour. If you don't care if your Sims succeed at anything, you can get their relationships with other people up so fast. Who knew!

And, man, poor Edwob. He moves into a house with his lady love, Balah, makes out, gets dumped, then she starts making out with their other roommate, Charlilse, breaks his heart, too, then proceeds to go and marry some vampire dude with two teenage children and jam them all in a house with one sad couch and three sadder beds. If I was Edwob, I'd totally go sparklepire myself in the sun.

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The Sim Ghostbusters

Aight, like I said, longer Sim post. Maybe. Kinda. I mean, things have been pretty uninteresting, but I guess I say that for every post.

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Mini 5am Sims Post

I'll post a decent post later when it's not 5am and I've resized/cropped photos and shit. This is just a quicky bit of wonk.

So, I think I've mentioned before that my game is borked because it keeps spawning items into my family inventory (for anyone who hasn't played the game, your family inventory is a part of the 'buy' menu where you can put things you already own that you don't want to sell but need out of the way. Like if you're redecorating and don't want a bunch of cupboards keeping you from moving walls, or if you move and keep your furniture it'll go there). Mostly it's paintings, but tonight I decided to go clear it out (if I used everything in there, I'd have no wall space or floor space. I mean, I have six Philosopher's Stones sitting in there, and you're supposed to have to BUY those with Lifetime Reward Points!) and, along with a bunch of paintings (roughly 50,000 simoleons worth) and a shocking number of books, there were SEVENTEEN cars. Seventeen! I haven't even bought *A* car as yet, let along seventeen of them!

I sold eleven of them, plonked one down in the driveway (it was the $19,000+ one, so, hey, why not)(though considering my Sim hubs goes everywhere in a stretch limo and my Sim lady flies around on a flying vacuum, neither of them are going to use it) and I'm saving the other five (all $9000+ cars) for my eventual next batch of kids to take with them when they move.

I swear, though. A solid half of the money my Sims have right now had probably come from random ass paintings and shit that just showed up in my inventory for no good reason. (and, no, none of my people are kleptos, so they aren't just robbing the town goddamn blind, though that would be kinda funny. All the Sims in town are stuck walking while we're sitting on a massive pile of cars)

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The Sims store really needs more angles on the hair styles they have available. I was checking out a set that had a style I liked, and there was another one I thought might be interesting in it.

See? Like some kinda boufanty beehive thing.

But in game?

Jesus cats. You could lose a toddler in there.

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More of Them Sims

I figure as long as I'm busy grubbing SimPoints from the SimStore right now, I may as well type up the goings on since the last time that I posted.

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Sims Post?!?!?

I haven't done one of these in a while, and by that I mean both an LJ post and a Sims post.

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My Sim Dates Continue to be Terrible

(I submitted this over on 'Fuck My Sims Life' and just copy pasted here, which is why it looks like a submission instead of a regular old Sims post)

My Sims games have the amazing ability to give me the WORST dates in the history of everything. Most recently I sent one of my Sim ladies out on a date with her boyfriend, in the hopes of getting them married off, and the first thing he did when he arrived at the pool was accuse her of cheating. See, back when she was in high school she had kissed a boy in her class who proceeded to age up the next day and get married to someone else the day after that. But apparently one kiss, one time, a whole age level ago is enough to brand one a cheater.

After that I tried to get him to come into the pool for a little splashy splashy to see if I could get their relationship back on track (their bar had gone from mostly full to maybe 1/5th full) and instead he decided to stand outside the building for the better part of an hour before finally coming in. Then he wouldn't play splashy so I couldn't get them to interact in the pool.

Got my girl out of the pool and managed to coerce him to get out, too, so they could chat, and no sooner was he out of the pool than a little girl that was swimming proceeded to drown in front of everyone. After that everyone went about mourning for an hour and I needed my Sim to leave because she was super tired and had work the next day.

And that little girl? The same little girl that my Sim's younger brother had called to chat earlier in the day because I was going to have them start dating once they made it into their teen years.

(as it stands now [and this bit wasn't in the submitted post], the Sim lady in question and her dude are still dating, but their relationship is still ass. Her brother is a teenager now and single as the day is long because the town seems to be lacking in girls. Her twin is married and expecting a baby that DAMN WELL BETTER BE A VAMPIRE. I've played vamps for so long that watching regular sims try to gain skills causes me physical pain.)

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So it begins again.

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Aight, last time everyone died, basically, kinda, save for the people that didn't. Lisette DID manage to snag a husband (Antwon) and stuff some mermadic kelp down his gullet to make him a merdude. Then the ghost cats had kittens so I couldn't make them bone and give me merbabies because my house was DAMN WELL FULL OF CATS. Creepy ghost cats that were born on the full moon. SPOOKY cats. The original plan was to age Micah up and have him take a couple cats with him (because, really, how many of us that grew up with kitties wouldn't be totally game to take our old family cat off with us to keep us company at our new grown up house? Hell, that's how I ended up with my MaxMax), but then Woo the ghost cat lost his grip on the mortal coin and shuffled off to the beyond. And that's when I realized that ghost cats kinda rock (aside from the sort of annoying sound they make ALL the damn time, and the fact that it's REALLY creepy when they go floating through walls. Plus you can't tell what they're patterned like since they're just glowy and transparent navy, but going into the 'coats and collars' menu only serves to make them a bit more horrifying). When a regular cat passes on, the whole house sobs and moans for two days about it, and when everyone in the house has been dying off one after another after another, that gets real tired real fast. But when a ghost cat 'dies', everyone is just like 'eh, whatever, it was a ghost. Kinda already did that dead thing.' There's no wailing and rending of clothes at all! It's so nice.

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