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Sims Death Pit

My Sims game continues to be rather eh and uninteresting, and now that I've joined the community and found out that there's badges to get for doing things, it's pretty much becoming an achievement hunt. MUST GET ALL THE BADGES. I can't imagine that talking about how I totally made lobster thermidore 20 times in a row would be at all interesting. But this was.

My Sim house has sort of been a death vacuum for awhile. Since we have Late Night we have the celebrity dealio, and as soon as your Sim is a couple star celeb, you have paps on the lawn all the damn time (and, if you don't have a fence to keep them out, you have them legit coming up and KNOCKING ON THE DOOR at, like 4am. If you DO have a fence, you get them standing outside the fence all goddamn night and day complaining that they can't get to the house because there seems to be a fence in the way. I don't really know which one is worse). Paps age just like every other Sim, and, eventually, they die. And if they're spending all their time on your lawn, sometimes they die on your lawn. Thus far I've had about 8 or 9 paps die on my lawn. I've also had at least five other people die at parties or places of business that my people happened to be at at the time. I had the wife of one of my kids starve to death at one point, which was kind of wtf. I've had one Sim kid die (at least, I moved towns before any more could start kicking off, so really about 3 are probably dead. Or 4, but I'm getting to that)). I don't think any grand kids have died, but since they were almost all vampires, of course they wouldn't have yet. All three parents have totally died (mostly) as well.


Well, not everyone, or the game would be over.

Last night I was playing and one of my girls, Lysandra, got the 'Oh My Ghost!' opportunity. Basically if someone you know died, you can cart their carcass to the science lab and have them resurrected (and you get a badge, aw yeah). Shockingly no one had died recently, so I ended up just hitting off to the cemetery, digging Lola back up, and taking her off to the lab. BUT, alas, since she'd been dead for something like 60 Sim years, her and Lysandra weren't really BFFs anymore, so it didn't take right and she just came back as a ghost. Coming back as a ghost doesn't get you the opportunity, so I had to try again. This time, I figured I'd see if I could do it with a cat instead of a person (otherwise I would have had to bring back Bronson or Ethan, which meh, or the most recent pap to die on the lawn, which, again, meh). Pulling a page out of Pet Semetary, I dug up Puddy and took him to the lab, and again got a ghost. Tried again with Snowshoe, and got ANOTHER ghost. So, yes, now I have two ghost cats creepily floating around my house (I moved Lola out).

After failing three times and not wanting to fill my house/town with Sim ghosts and ghost cats, I went and looked up how to do it right, and, as mentioned, you have to be at least friends with the person you're bringing in. Lysandra was never really that close with the cats, so, yeah, makes sense that it wouldn't work. But she also wasn't really friends with Ethan (he died before she was born) or Bronson (dead forever), so there wasn't a single dang headstone to pilfer that would be someone that she was buds with. Boo. :(

So, what does one do with they need a dead friend to resurrect. What to do, what to do. Think think think. Do you, maybe, go to your friend list, find your oldest (in age), closet friend, move them into your house, and then horribly murder them, for science?

Yeah, yeah you do. Or I do, anyway. Lysandra's an elder, dammit, I don't have TIME to not murder.

Turned out her closest friend (way closer of a friend than her husband, whoops) was a lady named Marigold, who was a fairy. She was also insane, so I mad her talk to herself a bunch and, boom, another badge for me. I invited her over and moved her in, probably much to her husband's disappointment. Then Marigold had a birthday, but, being an elder, it was just a date with the Grim Reaper. Now I had a dead friend that I could totes take and resurrect. Heck yeah!

And, of course, it didn't work and she came back as a ghost. Balls. :( So I figure that when they say that you need to be friends with the person, they mean friends with the ghost, not the person. So, suckfish. I need another dead person, keep their urn around for awhile (or visit them at the cemetery a lot), make buds, and then bring them back. What a pain in the ass.

Luckily it turned out to be a moot point because, the day after sending Marigold to the great beyond and then ripping her back, Lysandra died. :( Poor Gerardo is all sorts of sad because he's lost his lady love. I can't call her back because she was the one with the Ghost opportunity and she can't really take herself down there.

The next day, my oldest house cat, Woo, died. :(

The day after that, my now oldest house cat, EvilGenius, died.

Thus, in four days, I had as many people, members of my house, die. My people got hit with the moodlet manager, so they're a-okay about the whole thing, but the ghost cats are super miserable.

Meanwhile, in Lisette's, my other Sim girl, life, things have been kinda wonk. Awhile back some dude named Don called her up and was all 'hey baby, wanna go on a date?' Since she was (and is) single, I figured, eh, why not. So she met up with him, made some flirt face, made some kissy face, and then asked his sign and if he was single. Turns out that, no, not so single at all, so Lisette bailed because, gross, dude. Don't be asking me on dates if you aren't even available. A few days later another dude, Michael, called her up and asked if she wanted to go on a date, so again I said sure, flirty face, kissy face, asked if he was single. NOPE. Again, she bailed. All these damn married/dating guys wanting to get up on her. *head shake*

After that date, that apparently went SUPER well, she got the wish to bone Michael. Honestly, I was curious as to if a person that was involved with someone else would have any qualms with boning some other lady, so I brought him over, made one thing lead to another, and, yeah, they've got NO problem getting their cheater kink on. They also have no issue with knocking up someone that they aren't even remotely dating, so, uh, yay! Lisette gets to start having kids! >_> Turns out, thought, that Michael's actual lady love was/is a woman named Alice who also happens to be Lisette's boss. So the next time Lisette went to work (before finding out about the wee bun in her oven) her job rating was in the shitter. Either Sim bosses tend to get all up in arms if you bone their significant others, or Lisette had a crap ass day at work the last time she was in. I'm leaning towards the interpersonal, though.

While she was pregnant 'someone' kept spreading rumours about her, so as soon as the negative moodlet was about to go away, boom, there's another one, so she wasn't too happy during her whole pregnancy. The last rumour was that she had a kid out of wedlock, which I found kind of weird because 1: um, duh, and 2: the Sims is all about letting gay couples get together and adopt dozens of kids, and women in the game get paid the same for the same job as dudes, so it's all rather progressive, but then we have the 1950's pearl clutching of having a kid out of wedlock? Wonk.

Anyway, the kid in question was a little vampire boy (Micah) who ended up with the pink hair and bright green eyes I STRUGGLED to get with my first crop of babies. *fist shake* He's never met his dad, but, eh, since the dad isn't one of my Sims, I kinda don't care. Gerardo is probably a better soon-to-be step-dad than Michael would be, anyway. Shortly after Micah hit his toddler stride, I found out that there was a badge for hiring a maid, so you best believe that I hired a maid. His name was Scotty and he was/is single. And he's the dad of Lisette's second kid, Sophia. >_> (he also got fired not long after Sophia was born because apparently he thought that once you start boning the boss lady, you don't have to do your job, and, nope) Sophia is a wee human toddler right now, which means that she's going to be annoying as piss since humans gain skills sooooooooo slowly. But, thanks to my having had to make 20 servings of lobster thermidore, she's going to have plenty to eat for a good long time.

Now all I need to do is seduce a Mer-gent, have a merbaby, and I can move on to getting Lisette and her former brother-in-law/current roommate together to FLOOD this town with Dares. Mwah ha. Babies.

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Mar. 10th, 2014 02:27 am (UTC)
It's so weird, I hardly ever have sims die. And it's so annoying when they do. People who barely knew them crying uncontrollably for two days. It's dumb.

I do get a kick out of murder, though.

What IS with all these married guys asking chicks out on dates? This happens a lot with mine, too. Last one she went to meet and I guess he'd told her he'd meet her at the garbage dump, but then he didn't show up. He got busy, or some mess. Douche.
Mar. 10th, 2014 02:49 am (UTC)
My town must be full of asbestos or something, because people die left and right (and I always take screenshots of people dying. I guess because it's morbid or something. idk. I should make a collage). Happily my Sims don't ball and sob forever when the paps die. They're probably just used to it by now, so it's like 'oh, another dead person on the lawn. Sigh, get the shovel.'

I figure the Sims just doesn't really take relationships into account unless it comes to judging people for having them. Married? Hey baby, that doesn't mean you can't still play the field. *obnoxious hip thrust* Oh, you're married and got caught making time with someone else? CHEATER. *brands with a scarlet letter*

I have a feeling that your dude got hung up on his wife asking him where he was going and him not being able to come up with somewhere to be that made sense. He just couldn't weasel his way out.
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