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Before This | After This

I ended up moving my people to a new town about five minutes after posting the last entry where I was talking about maybe moving them to a new town because, eh, why not. If a quick move can make things less fucked up, why not at least try it? Worst comes to worst I, GASP, load an older save.

So, now we're off in...uh...Brightmore? No, that's a club. We're in Bridgeport, better known as the town with a big honking, sort of inconvenient bridge separating the buyable land plots from the town. Pretty much the first thing I did was adopt another cat (since everyone was like 'LET'S ADOPT A CAT' and I'm not going to turn down 150 lifetime whatsit points). It's name is Echo and it's white. I think it's a she, too. I don't remember. I don't flip my cats over to look very often. Anyway, the big point with the cat is that I called the cat-a-torium and they brought me a cat within about 2-3 hours (pretty average time since they have to get ALLLLLL the way across the bridge). So WOOT. Next time someone dies, they'll actually die and damn well stay dead.

Soon thereafter, Anna Maria aged up into an adult, so it was time for her and Arya to go out on the prowl so I could marry them off and move them out. I know I've probably said it before, but I really prefer to hitch em up before moving them out because otherwise it seems like they just stay single forever and they never have kids and it's like I'm uprooting the family tree and throwing it on the trash heap. I want all the grandbabies! Fill my town with other kids that my kids might accidentally marry before finding out they're second cousins! Interestingly enough I had just grabbed some mods from the old mod hut, so now I have all sorts of new options when it comes to looking for a mate. Like the chance to find out if they are a million years older than my person, if they're attracted to each other at all, and I can ask if they're seeing anyone without it being a come on. It's just like 'hey, hot guy, you available? No? Right on, later.' No pectoral stroking involved at all!

Arya hit out first and made eyes at some dude, asked if he was single, and he was! Awesome! So she chatted him up for awhile, then had to go home because she was super tired. The next day I went to have her chat him up again, and he was suddenly dating her best friend, so that was a bust. :-\ Since then I've yet to find her another good target because she's always at work. At least it seems that way, anyway. Boo.

Anna Maria went cruising next and...well, basically she just looked around her workplace and picked someone. Asked if he was single, he was, awesome, so I had her call him the next day to work on their friendship, then invited him over the day after so I could force him to marry her. And, of course, my game was being weird again, so when he showed up, he was entirely invisible, so I couldn't interact with him at all. BOO. I reset him, invited him over again, and he was still invisible. So I sent them out to dinner and, apparently, the act of getting in the car was enough to pop him back into this realm. Dinner was had, make outs were had, but asking to go steady (because Sims are all teenagers, obvs) didn't pop up as an option. Because OF COURSE he had started dating someone else between the first time they went out (two days ago) and now. OF COURSE. All the other Sims in town can fall in love in a minute, whereas I have to talk to someone for 30 years just to make friends.

But hey, WHATEVER, not getting thwarted again. I had Anna Maria ask him to dump his lady, which he did, then ask him to date her, marry her, and then they got married behind the diner. Since we all know this dude is really just breeding fodder, I sent him off to the hospital to get his face fixed a little (I have well over $2 million at this point, I can swing a lip job) before having him and Anna bang, but, oh, bang they did. She totally got pregnant, as was the plan, and things were going along just fine.

Then she decided to get all pissed off at him for cheating on her (I don't know when or how he could have done this since all he'd done since they got married was sleep, have breakfast, go under the knife, and then go read a book at the library). So she yelled at him refused to sleep in the same bed as him, and turned away all his attempts at conversation. Then her baby bump sprouted, so I had her tell him that she was pregnant, but she rebuffed him heartily when he tried to talk to his impending kid. Sigh.

Since the 'cheated on' moodlet thing had a bit about having them 'talk things out', I was looking through his conversation options to see if I could find something on there that looked like it might help mend their relationship when Anna Maria WIGGED OUT, started yelling at him, and divorced him right there and then. D: So, uh, I guess so much for that relationship. He got moved out (because what's the point of him now? Am I supposed to remarry them once she stops being pissed that he dumped someone else for her?) and now I guess I get to wait for their kid to come about and maybe go find someone new for Anna Maria to love for a couple days.

La sigh.

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