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For Realsie Sims Post

Wow, I went back to see what had happened since the last time I posted, and it's been about a million years, hasn't it? I either need to get better at thinking to post, or just post monthly HUGETASTIC posts, neither of which is going to happen because I know that I'm a slack.

So, the one downfall of my huge haul of custom content is that my game now takes about 10 minutes to load in. Literally. The other day I set it to load, went and vacuumed and did up a sinkful of dishes, then came back, sat down, read about two pages of a book, THEN it loaded. It's slightly agonizing, but at least I'm getting my library books read.

First and foremost, the beloved Cowplant died. :(

We hardly knew ye

I don't really know what happened. I guess eating the maids wasn't food enough for him (since he kept horking them up) and he starved? Poor thing. Whack thing is that, when I went to clean him up so I didn't have a sad, flopped over Cowplant laying by my mailbox, it turned out that, TECHNICALLY, his mess was on the OTHER side of the property line, so Osvaldo kept pitching a wig that he couldn't get to the garbage can because it was ON the property and he wasn't anymore. Thankfully the maid was more than happy to dump his garbage pile when they showed up the next day, so I didn't have a massive stink pile outside my house forever. (unlike when my garbage disposal in the house gitched out and constantly said there was a garbage pile in the room until I straight up had to wall off that part of the house)

In happier news, Erich grew into a fine and strapping young man.


And he also became a fairy because I suddenly remembered that this game has badges/achievements, and goddamn if I ain't going to get me some achievements since they are almost like praise. >_> He got the lifetime wish to...do something. He needs to cast 'Inner Beauty' on 12 Sims and get to level 10 charisma to get it, and then I get an achievement for that. Aw yeah. I think that's kinda funny, though, because I go out of my way to cleanse the town of supernaturals (2 broken ghosts left, less others by the day!) and then I decide I need to get a fairy achievement and thus have to make my kid a fairy to do it. Oh, self, you make no sense.

Since dear Erich was all growed up, I figured I'd do what I said and try to inject some colour into the world and had him marry a lovely dark skinned lady named Katie, which is sort of creepy because now I have Katie and Katia all running around in the same house.

Spoiler: Katie is old now.

She's working on getting to the top of the journalist career track since I haven't had anyone do that...ever, I think. I have no idea what kind of reward you get for it, so it's time to find out.

And the fact that I haven't gotten to the top of several careers made me think that, hmmm, I should totally do that, AND Katia and Osvaldo both want to have an obscene amount of kids, so we need MORE KIDS in this house. ALL THE KIDS. JUST FIRING OUT KIDS.

So we had Uther (who I have labeled as Ulrich on all these file names, so APPARENTLY I should have named him Ulrich, but then I'd have Ulrich and Erich, and that would be weird).

He likes short walks in the cemetery and brushing his long, lush back hair.

He's working his way towards being a hit movie composer, which is, like, no effort because he just needed to max out his guitar skill and his charisma, and, being a vampire, he had his guitar maxed within 2 minutes of picking up a guitar, and his charisma goes up every time he makes a new friend. And, for the record, he DOES have an outfit as an adult, but I guess I just wanted to show up his back fluff and took a shot of him in his skivvies instead. This is the sort of respect I give this family. Underwear photos to show off their back hair (which he totally got from his dad, who got it from his grandfather, who is also Katia's great grand uncle. Maybe he got it through inbreeding).

Amd we also had Ollie.

Who kind of ended up being really hot.

Yes, he's a fairy, too, but he went through it the long way instead of swigging a potion like Erich did. AND since he was a vampire before he was a fairy, he ended up being a vampire fairy who learned all his fairy skills through five minutes of casting an aura. Too bad I didn't set him up to be the one to fulfill the Inner Beauty achievement. He went into the business career track (and got me an achievement by going from 'Spa Ringer Upper' to the business career, aw yeah, rolling in achieves), then I de-fairy and de-vamped him and moved him out because I was starting to get a little flustered by how many people were in the house.

'But Gaja!' you say. 'There's only six people in your house (and two cats)! That's nothing!'

Yeah, about that. We got another cat. His name is Elwood and I think he's technically Uther's cat. He was supposed to move out with Uther when Uther moved out, but now I'm working on ~things~ with Uther, so they're both sticking around. And...well...Katia and Osvaldo wanted some grandbabies...



So, 8 people, three cats. Or, now, seven people and three cats.

So, okay, I think it's kinda funny that I go out of my way to marry a lady of colour to get some pigment in the family and town, and I end up getting two of the BLONDEST damn children in the world. wtf. Their dad isn't even blonde, and Katia didn't manage to pass her blonde down to most of her kids (just Alexander), but he's just rife with blonde grandbabies. So I figured that Kyle would be super cool with dying his purple, and I've yet to decide what Calpurnia is going to do with hers.

SPEAKING of hair, omg dudes, check Kyle's adult hair. Isn't that swank? It's so FLUFFY and wonderful. I need to get some better/closer shots of it because it's just amazing. So so glad I got it.

Anyway, all the kids in the house are almost grown up now (Calpurnia is in high school, and I swear that she did get to be a child, even if I neglected to take a photo), and I am once again being reminded how much I DO NOT WANT on having a million and one people in my house. Like, two is boring because nothing is going on. Eight is fucking stressful as shit because EVERYTHING is going on, AND because everyone's social goes to shit because everyone is trying to keep their other needs up, so everyone else is either sleeping, eating, or shitting when you want to talk to them to try to get your social out of the crapper. My poor kitties are in a nigh constant state of miserable because all their humans are bathing and running to work instead of brushing them and telling them that they're pretty. :(

BUT, once I get Kyle up one more job level and get him to write a book (yes, for a badge), he gets to move out to a lovely (maybe) place and start a life of his own, maybe with a lovely lady that'll give me even MORE great grandchildren than I already can't keep track of. (I think there's one named Autumn? Fatima already died? I think Minerva is still kicking, though) Uther is heading out (perhaps to rule Britain and be intolerant of witches, who knows) once he hits his career cap, too. Once Erich gets to level 10 in charisma and gets his lifetime reward, he's out, too, and, honestly, I don't think Katie will still be alive at that point, so we're just trying to get her maxed on her career before the end. Then it'll just be Katia, Osvaldo, and Calpurnia, since she's a witch and is going to get me witch achievements. Oh, and alllllll the cats.

Aside from all that 'people exist and some of them have great hair' stuff, only one interesting thing really happened in the last 2-3 weeks (wow, seriously?) of playing. There are some dishes that you can make that are super spicy, and when the people eat them they go all five alarm and breathe fire once they're done. *I* had always thought that that was just a bit of cute to look at to say 'ay, now that's a spicy meatball', but it turns out that this jet of mouth fire can TOTALLY SET YOUR SHIT ON FIRE. Katie had just had herself a tasty bowl of curry, jetted some fire, and set the fucking kitchen table on FIRE. Kyle put it out, because he's a good boy, but man. I didn't even know that could happen.

OH, and, I think that the current maid is Erich's real father, or a twin or sibling of some kind.


Maid on the left, Erich on the right. Uncanny, isn't it?

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Aug. 14th, 2015 12:06 pm (UTC)
Your sims are just so pretty!

When cowplants die in 4, there's just a skeleton, so I've never seen the keeled over thing.

Katie and Erich are gorgeous. Love the blue & purple eyes. Seems like 95% of the people in 4 spawn with dark brown eyes, and it's usually so boring.

Kyle's hair is WILD. Made me think of the dude from Thin Lizzy, only...purple. lol

The maid and Erich thing IS uncanny!
Aug. 14th, 2015 08:53 pm (UTC)
I quite like having pretty Sims. :) At this point I think everyone in town is related to my family, so they're all starting to share faces.

I remember seeing that in a video. I think if I'd had a skele, I would have left it.

One thing I quite like about Katie is that she came into the family looking like that. It wasn't one of the (usual, I admit) situations where I marry someone up, get a good look at them, and go '...nah, we can fix this' and tweak a nose or a cheekbone situation or something. I DID change her traits, though, because the ones she had before were kinda awful and not useful for journalism. Kinda funny thing is that when I first had her and Erich go out, I had him 'consider attractiveness' (which is something that came with one of my mods) and he was like 'bleh, 1 out of 10', but then immediately wanted to kiss her. So it's like, dude, you can't really have it both ways. I figured if he wanted to mack on her, though, I was cool with that, so they did and they got married and had kids (as you've seen). After Calpurnia hit childhood, though, Erich started to get the moodlet bump for being around an attractive sim whenever he was around Katie, so his love for her totally grew once he got to know her. <3 (and had a couple kids, I guess)

I 100% love Kyle's hair. It was part of a set I was nibbling at buying that came up for sale, and the WHOLE SET was only like twice what that ONE hair was, so I snapped it right up. It's so floofy! And the little curls sticking out around the edges are super nicely done. I dig it. :D

And, man, Erich and the maid. Like I said, people are starting to share faces. ;) Oddly enough I only noticed it when the new maid showed up and was all 'ooh, we have so much in common, we should get to know each other better' at Katia, and I was like WTF Erich, that is your MOTHER...oh, wait, that's not Erich. DOPPELGANGER.
Aug. 14th, 2015 09:00 pm (UTC)
I never got much use out of the "consider attractiveness" thing. Like scanning the room, there was hardly ever anyone there that my sim would like. That's really cool that her looks sort of grew on him after a while, though.

People talked about how much sims in 2 looked so much alike, but I see it more in 3 now than I did before. It's funny you thought Erich was making eyes at his mom. There was a glitch in 4 where family could flirt & stuff with each other. Some say there still is, but I haven't seen it in a while.
Aug. 14th, 2015 09:49 pm (UTC)
I usually would try to get my Sims together with people they found attractive just because I like getting that little mood bump. Thing that gets me about it is that, like, if I have a son and he thinks a girl is lovely and they get married and she moves in, I basically ALWAYS get her being all 'hey, you're hot, too' to his dad and brothers. Maybe I need to diversify my Sim traits a little more.

I know there's a mod out there somewhere where you can make family marriable, but I don't really think I want that. My family tree is enough of a wreath without straight up just making it a stick.
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