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It's been awhile, but it's Sims Post time again!

So it's actually been awhile since I played because I just kinda wasn't feeling it. And because I installed some clicky games and I was playing those instead because they're a lot easier to play for, like, five minutes and then bail out of. You start the Sims for "five minutes" and the next thing you know it's 6am and you've not really gotten anything done.

This time out has been a lot of the same old same old 'nothing really happened. Well, except for this and this and this and that one thing and this other thing.' So here we go!

After the whole loading debacle of the last time, I thought that maybe the issue was that I just straight up knew too many people in town. I've had the same lag issue before in my long running houses, to be honest, and moving to another town always seems to help. It breaks the family tree, which sucks a bunch of dongs (I worked hard on that family tree, dammit!), but I can either deal with lag and long loading times, or I can move to another town. So, leaving Willow the undying behind, we packed up the fam and moved to the warmer climes of Sunset Valley (I think that's the default town you get with the main game). I built up a new house whose layout I actually kind of hated, and then I realized that there was NOWHERE in this town to drop down new house plots. Like, in Moonlight Falls, there were pleeeeeenty of empty spots I could cram shitty housing into, but this place had jack shit. Boo.

It lasted for about one game day and then I packed everyone up yet again and we moved to Appaloosa Plains (the town you get with Pets). It's not a whole lot better, housingwise, but it's better, I guess. I like the new house a lot better, though, so that's something.

Upon moving in, I worked on getting Katie up to the top of her field, and finished out Erich's lifetime wish, which ended up being kind of a pain in the ass because all the people that I had cursed, uh, blessed with inner beauty were in the old town, so they didn't count to the total of people blessed, so I had to start that over, AND charisma skill goes up based on how many buds you have, so if you move to a new town and know NO ONE, you need to go out and make a new 25 acquaintances before you can get up to level 10. Fun. But, hey, I managed it and then moved Katie and Erich out into a nice four bedroom in town in hopes they'd fill those rooms up with some more kids (nope)(and Katie got nerfed back to adult because I was worried she'd get started over at level one of her career when we moved and I didn't want her to die before she hit level 10. So they COULD have had more kids). Then I set about working on Uther's lifetime wish of being a mega hit composer or whatever. Once he got that, it was time for a tasty bottle of Vamp-B-Gone.

So THAT'S what colour his eyes are.

And moved him off to a pretty five bedroom, once again in hopes that he'd find a nice lady and start firing out kids like an overzealous clown car. (nope)(he did find a girl, though. She's already got a kid)(he also did end up taking Elwood the cat with him, and a new kitten names Toulouse)

Then it was Kyle's turn to work on getting some achieve's for me. He's a computer whiz, so I had him hack $10,000 into the house's monies before moving HIM out to a nice 3 bedroom to, get this, find a lady and have some kids. He's got two little's now...and is an elder. So is Erich. Sad. But, before Kyle moved out, he aged up to reg style adult, so boom, more pictures.

Yeah, I changed his main hair, but his work hair is still the dramatic foof.

The girl he ended up taking up with is a darker skinned lady, too, which kinda makes me wonder if the Sims is racist. I hardly ever see mixed race couples that I didn't personally make.

Before he moved out, I got a notification that Elwood the Cat was getting pretty old and if I wanted to pay him a visit, I should. Soon. Because that cat is gonna die. That made me unreasonably sad because, man, that cat lived a long life with us and it would be nice to send him out with, like, a pet on the head and a couple treats. Thus I sent Katia over to give him a little love. Uther wasn't home, but thankfully Elwood was hanging around outside so I could have her pet him, feed him a treat, give him a hug...tuck him under her arm, get in a cab, take him back to our house.


So, yeah, Katia stole her son's super old cat while it was sitting at death's door. Thus Death came to give Elwood a visit at our place instead of Uther's.

I have a screenshot of every pet death that's occurred in my game for the last three families. I don't know why.

Poor Elwood. He did get to nuzzle with Kitty and Martigan one last time, though, and eat our swank gourmet cat food and scratch our nice cat castle a bit. Still, man, the whole thing legit made me kinda sad and that feels weird.


CALPURNIA'S TURN. She wanted to zombify the town, so I had her learn the potent zombification spell and start causing it's inevitable downfall.

This librarian is going to fuck your shit up.

Once the town was good and suffering, Calpurnia headed out (with her own kitten, fucked if I remember it's name) to a nice 3 bedroom down the block. No kids as yet, but she's seeing an elder dude, so that's...something, I guess.

So now it's just Katia, Osvaldo, Kitty, Martigan, and our current bird. I think it's a cardinal. And, well, while 8 people is taxing, two people (and two cats) is boring as shit. We could use more cats! So off goes Martigan and Kitty to have a romp in the cat house (hur hur) and, BOOM, two new kittens; Eafs and Foof. I don't havr shots of them, but they look just like Kitty, which makes it fun trying to figure out which 'play with another pet' cat the other cats want to play with.

With all those cat pregnancy hormones in the air, Katia and Osvaldo got all kinked up, and, BAM, more kids for them, too! They both were hoping to get a girl (since, at this point, essentially their last four kids in a row have been boys), so say hello to Elias:

Hey, he doesn't look like a girl.

And Elliott:

He doesn't, either.

So, yeah, the family's sausage fest title is holding for now.

And, if you're interested (I know I am), we've got 6 bio kids (two more adopted). Two got mom's blonde, four got dad's red/brown. Three got mom's dead husky eyes. Genetics!

Time passes, as it does. The kittens grow into cats, Kitty and Martigan are elders, the twins are proper kids instead of toddlers.

Elias again!


At this point I will 100% admit that I have a cheat sheet because I have no goddamn idea which kid is which in real life because they're just going to school, so they aren't really DOING anything that makes me think 'oh yeah, Elias is dating five people and Elliott robbed a bank.' You'd think the fact that one is blond and one isn't, it'd be a cakewalk to keep track, but NOPE. But, hey, in about 5 in game hours from RIGHT NOW they're going to be teenagers. DATING TIME. Let's see how many cousins we can find to marry them off to. We're still new in town, so it might be hard.

Anyways. Lately I've been having Katia and Osvaldo 'risky' woohoo when they bone because, hey, why not. They wanted to have another kid once the twins stopped being infant babies, so whatever happens, happens. Besides, Osvaldo just hit the top of the business career, so they're more than set for cash. It's all good, baby! Thus, not long after the boys aged up, Katia was back to her 'mystery reasons' horking ways, and they finally got that little girl that they were after last time!

Finally! Welcome to the party, Isabella!

Uh...and Iris.

...and Ilsa.

Soo...yeah. Apparently they REALLY wanted to get some girls, and decided to just have them all at once. (9 total bio kids. Four girls, five boys. Three blonde, six not. Still the three dead husky eyes)(I feel kinda bad not including Olga [black hair, brown eyes] and Erich [brown hair and eyes] in the tallies since they were adopted. It seems harsh. But, same time, they aren't going to get mom and dad's genetics since they aren't bio related)

I honestly think that this shot sums up my Sims life pretty well atm.

Crying babies, toddlers getting into things, mom is WIPED OUT, and dad is probably thinking that getting his tip dipped probably wasn't worth all this. Mmmmm, chaos.

NEXT TIME. Teenage twins! Probably kid age triplets! Dating! Maybe some ghost cats? MFing GRANDCHILDREN? More creepers outside the breakfast nook?

So, uh, that sketti looks real nice.

We'll find out!

(also, on twitter I mentioned Katia's immensely inappropriate work uniform, so I got a snap.

She's gotten a promotion since then, so now she's just in a boring old lab coat and ponytail, but at least she's still in some super non-hospital friendly strappy high heels, so I guess you have to take the small victories.)

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Oct. 9th, 2015 05:44 pm (UTC)
Yay Sims! I haven't felt like playing at all, either, but I like the update :)

I do miss some things from sims 3. Like Risky Woohoo. 4 only allows for Woohoo and Try for Baby. Like sometimes you don't want to outright try for one, you want it to be a surprise. And it seems like the success rate is way too high.

So these are the triplets you were talking about on twitter. They're cuties, though. I think that family pic with mom exhausted is pretty much every family of toddlers. lol

I love Katia's inappropriate work uniform. :)
Oct. 9th, 2015 06:15 pm (UTC)
It's wacky, With the Sims I'm either ALL IN, oe I couldn't care a whit.

I have to admit that I like the risky option, too. If I want my Sims to bone, I want to just have them bone. If I want them to have a kid, I want to be able to try for baby ONCE and have it take. If I'm kinda whatevs either way, boom, let's live dangerously and see what happens. Because, man, if I'm legit TRYING for a Sim baby, I don't want to have to try and try and try. I just want it to happen and be done. I ain't trying for the fun of watching the sheets wriggle, game.

Sudden triplets! They are darling. :) I need more legit toddler hair, though. Like, I wanted Iris to have something with flowers and I didn't have anything. Booo. Anyway, now the fun of teaching them how to do everything. Somehow Isabella ended up on a different sleep schedule than her sisters, so she knows how to talk already, but the other's haven't gotten started because they keep being awake (and reading little books. Good toddlers) while everyone else is asleep. Methinks a parent might need to take a little midday nap so we can fix that up.

Ah, Katia. :) I think it's the monocle that really makes the outfit.
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