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Ridiculously Belated Sims Post

So, yeah, four months, that is a while. AND I haven't actually played in all that time, but the act of resizing, cropping, and uploading photos has just been waaaaaay more effort than I can handle lately. Is it sad? Yeah. Is it a little pathetic? Yup. Is that just my life? Pretty much.

So, last time, since people are damn well going to need a recap after that long ass midseason finale, we had kids. Just...so many damn kids. There were kids in every room of the house, hanging out windows, crawling under doors, it was like an infestation of wee chillens. And cats. We'd also moved, and had a much nicer house than the boxy crap sack we'd had in Sunset Valley, buuuuuuut....I kinda hated Apaloosa Plains, too, so I saved off the house and everyone in it and moved back to Moonlight Falls. Somehow everyone in town that I used to know that had died long ago (like family patriarch, Param Singh) is suddenly alive and well again! Amazing!

And last time the boys were about to age into teenagers, so guess what? They totally did.


Elliot! (and, yes, I had to go back to the old entry to figure out who was who)

I imagine that they were doing great in Sim school and taking on a lot of extracuricular activities when I took these screen shots, but fucked if I know for real. It's been four months.

I DO remember that I had decided that I was going to marry them off to sisters, and they best way to get married in this game (since people get married/start dating every two seconds) is to get together in high school and just STAY THERE, so I had them each mack on some girls from school. Both of whom ended up dating some OTHER dude the next day, so I have had to destroy a LOT of relationships to get these pairs together. Like...a lot.

Also, the girls aged up, and I will be 100% honest in saying that I am mainly guessing as to who is Ilsa and who is Iris. We need another hair colour in this house.

Isabella, because I can identify her!

Iris Ilsa, I think?

Ilsa Iris, by process of elimination!

I sort of recall that I was going to do a thing where I always had flowers in Iris' hair because, well, Iris. Once again, time passed and I'm sure they did great, and I have a feeling that by now you're all figuring out that this is just going to be a lot of aging up photos. Fun. Times.


Elias, again!

Elliot once more!

Yeah, enough time passed that the twins not only aged into teens, but into adults. Elias got cleaned up, cut his hair, and got himself into the business career (I think), and Elliot is a musician or something? One of them gave up on the girl I was trying to make him date, I think Elliot, and the other is engaged now, but there is NOWHERE in my house to put another person. La sigh.

BUT THEN, it came time for the girls to age up, and the Sims decided to fuck me, because it is a butt. Forever ago, in Katia's mom's generation, I had two kids, Sammy (or Samuel, I don't remember) and Simone who both birthday borked, so I couldn't get them to have birthdays anymore. It happens. Simone wouldn't age into a young adult, and Sammy wouldn't age into a kid. This happens SO MUCH in my games that I always try to remember to make a point to save at about 5pm on birthday day so if they DO bork, I can reload and age them up in Create a Sim. You HAVE to do this BEFORE the birthday animation shit, because if you try to do it after, you will just end up on a loading screen that never loads. In those olden days, Sammy got deleted (which left him as a figment in the house that I couldn't see or interact with, but that took up a person space and made it so I couldn't move out because I'd be leaving a baby in the house alone), and Simone got CAS aged into a young adult and moved out. And then she just stayed a young adult. Forever. And ever. And ever. Packing my town with more and more kids because she never grew out of breeding age (which I guess is what Katia is doing right now, but at least it's on purpose).

This time out, Iris Ilsa and Isabella aged up fine, but poor Ilsa Iris was just nothing doing on moving into her teen years. Boo to all that. Boo indeed!


Iris Ilsa, since I'm not going to find a better place to jam photos.

So I reloaded the game, threw Ilsa Iris into CAS, and aged her up into a teen before everyone else had their birthdays. No big. Made her all cute and spunky and everything.

Aw, look at Ilsa Iris. So cute and spunky!

Then Iris Ilsa and Isabelle had their birthdays...and...uh, so did Ilsa Iris. So she attempted to age from teen to young adult, but guess what? It was borked and she didn't age. But now she was totally broken, AGAIN, so I had to reload, AGAIN, just after I made her all cute and everything.

So I decided to give another chance. Aged Ilsa Iris up in CAS, let the other girls age, and...another broken second birthday. God. Dammit.

Fine, FINE, be that way, game. We're going to take a page from the book of Simone and age Ilsa Iris into an adult, so we can move her out.

There, done. ...Wait a second, are those hair flowers? Shit, maybe Iris is the broken one... I might have some editing to do later. (later edit: Yep.)

But, since we DID learn from Simone, and we don't really want Ilsa Iris (Iris? [yep]) in the town, firing off kids forever, we're going to age her into an ELDER and move her out, because elders can't have kids.


HA, take that, game!

Oh motherfucker. So while all her aging up birthdays were broken and didn't count, the birthday just has mere hours after turning into an elder TOTALLY DOES, so Ilsa/Iris died out on the street while I was having her, idk, do something. Buy an onion or something.

At this point I had loaded and reloaded and loaded yet again my game at least four times, and I had gone through and made whole hair and wardrobe styles for Isabella and Iris at least twice, so FUCK IT. Ilsa Iris is dead. Long live Ilsa Iris. Or Iris. Or whichever one she was. I figure I can through a cloning potion at the living one, do a little plastic surgery, and pretend she's the original if I REALLY feel the need to have her back. I couldn't tell them apart, anyway, so it's not like a clone would be that different.

And I think that after all that, I just kinda quit out of the game and never went back because fuh. Fuuuuuuuuuuh.

So, I guess we'll see what happens next. Also, before the end here, sometimes when you age up a person from a child in CAS, things can end up...weird.

Yeah. This game is wonk.

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Feb. 8th, 2016 11:51 pm (UTC)
Moonlight Falls, bringing your ancestors back to life. Creepy!

Don't you hate it when you go to all the trouble of getting some people together and the next damn day, they have a boyfriend? It's just rude, imo.

Oh my god, your game! I would lose it and have to restrain myself from throwing the computer across the room.
Feb. 9th, 2016 07:40 am (UTC)
Not only is the game bringing back all my dead friends and family, but Param is still married to his old wife AND they're having a kid. This crazy time machine of a town is starting to branch history.

Jesus cats, the Sims just loves fating people out from under me. As soon as things start looking like they might go well, bam, time to date someone else. Grum.

THIS GAME. I figure it's just a Sims 3 bork that never got fixed or something, but ugh. Let my people live and have birthdays and not turn into weird Russian dwarf people at random.
Feb. 10th, 2016 05:01 pm (UTC)
Wow, 1 the hairs, 2 you have loads of patience to do this over a few times and then the game just basically sticks it's tongue out at you and gives no fucks.

That last panel though, your game is so weird.
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