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Sims Death Pit

My Sims game continues to be rather eh and uninteresting, and now that I've joined the community and found out that there's badges to get for doing things, it's pretty much becoming an achievement hunt. MUST GET ALL THE BADGES. I can't imagine that talking about how I totally made lobster thermidore 20 times in a row would be at all interesting. But this was.

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Tiny Sims Post

All told I ended up with 13 kids. I tried to squeeze one more in under the wire, but it didn't work out and now Lola AND Bronson are both elders.

And I totally didn't get my hair and eye combo at all. SAD.

All told: 13 kids (Embry*, Lexi*, Liam, Evan, Lydia*, Eric*, Lindsay, Edwin, Linus, Byron, Brandon*, Lisette*, Lysandra) (* - twins)

10 kids had black/dark brown hair like their dad(s).
2 had pink hair like mommy. They were both boys.

9 kids had dark eyes.
2 had green like Lola.
2 had blue, and, being vampires, they weren't blue blue, but creepy dead shark/husky blue.

8 were boys.
5 were girls.

6 were human.
7 were vampires.
(1 was human and became a vampire.)

So far, one has died.

Lola currently has 4 grandchildren.

So now I guess I get to pick a current in house kid (Byron, Brandon, Lisette, Lysandra) and continue the family with them.

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I Wanna Talk About the Sims

I've been playing the Sims again lately, as I've mentioned a couple times in the past few entries, and thinking about doing Sims posts again. Only problem is that A: the challenges I've been doing aren't that great for fun posts, and B: I keep forgetting to take screen shots of people and things.

Firstly I decided to do a challenge called The Asylum Challenge. I think Mel showed me it, but it's been ages since I first read about it, that I only kinda remember if it was her. Anyway, the basic gist of the thing is that you make a house of 8 people. One is your main, the rest are basically filler you have to take care of because you CAN NOT play them. You play your main and everyone else is left to their own horrible devices. Your main character has to have the traits 'loser' and 'insane'. Everyone else has to have 'absent minded' and 'hates the outdoors' (absent minded suuuuuuuucks, too, because you'll have a person who is super hungry, so they'll go to eat something, get a plate, put it on the table, and then fuck off to do something else while whining that they're staaaaarving as the food rots waiting for them). Their other traits can be whatever the hell you want (as long as it's not 'natural cook') so you can make them handy or a genius or one of the other 'good' traits, if you want. Then you roll a die to select their lifetime wish, and proceed to try to fulfill that wish. There's a bunch of other stuff about beds and chairs and stuff, but I'm not gonna go into all that.

My main girl (Lola) ended up with the lifetime wish to max her logic and handiness, which means that I spent my play time making her play chess and fix things NON STOP. So boring to talk about. 'Lola went up another level in handiness by fixing the sink, yay!' 'Ooh, Lola just got a skill challenge success for repairing that goddamn shower for the 900th time!' Yawn. Plus, as she was the only person I could play, she was the only one with a job, which meant a lot of time spent watching the rest of the house stand around watching one of the housemates play guitar, all while whining about being hungry and needing to pee. Just pee, you fuckers! Your free will is maxed out, just GO. It was pretty much awful, but I did manage to get some screen shots at the start, so we'll cut here and tuck them in.

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Long Ass Meme of Long Assedness

100 Qs behind the cut.

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Since I know I'm horrible about remembering to post entries for other people's birthdays, I'm making it so no one has to!

Is my birthday today! Feel free to drop lovely wishes here, if you want. :)

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Sims Post: Crappy Photoless Version

I had decided I was done doing Sim posts, but Mally made UBER sad face at me, so, fine, here ya go. As stated in the title, there aren't any photos because I didn't take any, so hey, at least it'll load quick, right?

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So, I'm thinking I might stop doing Sims posts since LJ seems pretty dead and there's not a lot of point in trying to amuse people that aren't around. idk. Here's at least one more, though, and this one is both a doozy and sort of boring, which is weird.

Surprise, motherfucker!

It's normally adorable when the little kids play in the toybox, but it turns out to be motherfucking creepy when the vampire babies do it, what with their little glowy eyes and all.

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Sims Post: Oh Baby!

I don't even know what's going on anymore. Literally. My game keeps not saving, and then I have to go in and play all over again and hope that it does. So many of my photos were taken during AU versions of my game that it's not even funny anymore. Actually it wasn't funny to begin with, but whatever.

Even more frustrating is that everything I read (that didn't say 'just start a new fucking family, jeez') said I needed more RAM in the puter to get it to save, so today we bumped it up from 2g to 8g, AND IT STILL WONKED. Damn.

So, hey, welcome to this being disjointed.

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Sims Post: Man Alive

First and foremost, I'd like you all to meet Ticky the Lizard:

Ticky wonders why no one loves him.

Ticky was the one voted out of the house in my last post, but since he's a lizard and doesn't count towards the people total, I decided that he got to stay. Instead Odin got the old heave ho, but I moved him into a really nice house not far from the family homestead. So, um, yay? No one voted for Odin to get kicked out, but, eh, he was smarmy.

Sebastian is ready to get this party started!

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Sims Post Time (and a Poll!)

I realized I was up over 10 pictures again, so it was time for a Sims post! Boo yeah!

As we all know, I got Pets, so I went out and got a pet.

Say 'hi' to Sebastian, Nathan!

'Funny' thing is that there was some sort of conflict between Pets and some part of my custom content (I assume it was my mpreg mod, but I haven't gone through and checked everything as yet), so I couldn't get the cat to like ANYONE because I couldn't get any of the social interactions to work. Everyone in the house is all 'D'AAWWWW, kitty!' and the cat was nothing doing on wanting to let them pet him or anything. It's fixed now, thankfully.

Also it for real amuses me that the cat I adopted from the shelter, based only on a picture of it's big cat face, ended up not having a tail.

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Meet Mally's Sims!

Hello, my name is Mally, Gaja's little girl. I'm writing a sim post just like mom (Gaja). Now let's cut to the post! Meet the Kirtes, Mandam, Anna, Perra, and Wolfinstin. Anna ended up with a kid ( sorry no pic :( ) and soon Matten born and (pk) Starstorm is adopted. (later, with a cheat) Matten can walk, talk, and can crap now.

And I make him a child.

Then Mlanda (a male, not a female!) is adopted and the home overfills with cats. No, not really but Uninie Kirte is born. Yay.

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Lost Sims Post

We just got the Sims 3 Pets expansion for the game, so Mally's been playing the game a lot (and doing her usual thing where she starts with two people, then makes them have like six kids, only now she's added in making them have half a million pets, too), which is making me want to play. I thought I'd look and see where I left off in my horrifying incest laden family (if you're new, check the 'sims' tag here on the journal to see the rest), and I realized that I got a post all set MONTHS ago, and then never posted it. Of course now I barely know what the hell was going on in these images, but I can MAKE SHIT UP. :D

Or just post what I got so everyone is caught up as best as I can get ya.

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Sup, Art Thief?

So I was poking around Allegator's site today, as I'm wont to do every week or so, and she had a new post up talking about twitter (twitter being the only word I understood since it's all in Russian). I ran the page through some sweet google translate, and it's turns out that http://twitter.com/ #! / NAnoryeva is posting on twitter pretending to be her. They've even gone to the trouble to (badly) brush out Allegator's signature on the work.

Not cool, yo. This person has a lot of other people's art uploaded (on twitpic,ew) as well, but those tend not to say 'my painting' or 'my art'. A couple do say 'my collection', but that COULD mean that they just have it, kinda like how I refer to my photo collection as...uh, my photo collection. I don't recognize any of the other artists.

I'm not sure what the proper course of action is here. Shame them through comments? Report them to twitter? I don't know. :( I just wanted to bring it to folks attention so if someone else knows, they can send that info on.

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Listening Time Again, Again!

stand alone player

This contest has been going on a WEEK and I only just now found out about it, so I'm pretty sure I don't have a prayer. The person at #1 already has over 300 plays. But HEY, getting it out there, yo.

You know, if it weren't for the fact that the TH fandom tends to be a little...overexcitable, I'd totally say that TH should start doing things like this. Sadly that'd just lead to seeing the same widget 800 million times on one's flist, all posted by the same two people. Nar.

(funnily {?} enough this mission isn't letting me join. I've tried like 8 times on Chrome and once on Firefox and it's all 'oh yeah, totally joined up' and then gets all shifty eye when I look for my nonexistent name on the leaderboard list of people that have joined. I think I may have hit my limit of winning things in a row and I'm banned so some one else has a damn chance. But, eh, whatever. I love this band and have for longer than Mally has existed, so I'm still gonna pimp em all over the place)
(the free CD would have been sweet, though)

Yes, it's a gross and icky repost, but the thing let me in, so now y'all need to actually listen to thiiiiings. :)

More Widget Goodness!

I feel like a bit of a butt joining this contest, too, since I swept the floor with everyone else last time, but holy crap, dudes, it's for a keychain! I love keychains. I have, like, seven on my keyring, but only 4 keys. So, hey, I'mma go for it and pine over the fact that I can't personally make it to DragonCon and see them for myself.


Plus last time I won for plays, not views (someone else smoked me on that), and this contest is about views, so hey. It's not a GIVEN that I'll get it. But I can hope. Hope and feel like a butt.

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I am Unsurprised

Thing that amuses me most about this result is that, of everyone else on my flist, no one got higher than a 59% on their house, and then I come strutting in with my little silver and green tie and my 63%. Though tbh, I thought it'd be higher. But hey, I scored more Slytherin-y than 97% of folks, so that's something. ;)

Your result for The Sorting Hat: A Comprehensive Harry Potter Personality Assessment [Test/Quiz]...


51% Ravenclaw, 35% Hufflepuff, 63% Slytherin and 45% Gryffindor!

Or perhaps in Slytherin

You'll make your real friends,

Those cunning folks use any means

To achieve their ends.

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Simsery Post pt2

Apparently the whole thing at once was more than LJ could handle, so I cut it in half and that worked.

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Simsery Post!

Last time on As The Sims Turn, I was just getting back into the swing of things, so the post sucked balls and I was chucking people out of my house left and right. By which I of course mean that I threw out two people who are OF COURSE doing a thousand times better now that they aren’t pinned under my thumb. Fern got pregnant, had a kid, got engaged, had that guy die, and got engaged again. Now her kid has a kid and it’s all just crazy. Gulliver also managed to knock some chick up, and now they have a baby. At least it was a baby the last time I looked, anyway. Meanwhile while I was tending to them they were just stuck in the house 24/7 churning out books and paintings and whining about being hungry. I guess I shouldn’t complain that they’re happy now. Or whatever. *miff*

So starting on a slow note, OMG SO MANY FUCKING VAMPIRE GNOMES.

What is this shit?

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Holy Shit, Sims Post!

Last time in the Sims I don't know what the fuck was happening. It's been that long. People died, people were born, people died on other people's birthdays, it was crazy. Apparently Klaus and Jules were also both children, so I managed to neglect getting shots of them as teenagers, and I missed getting photos of Lenore as a baby, toddler, or child, whoops.

Also, since it's been so damn long since I played, when I popped back in I cleaned out my house some and had Fern and Gulliver move out as soon as I logged in. It was great having them around, I guess, but there were just too many damn people in the house and we needed to clean things out some. But hey, it seems to have worked out, because now Fern has some kid with some guy that I never knew about. Yay relationships!

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Myspace music player


You see that? You see that right there? That is a tune widget. I don't really know what it is either, other than that it plays music (and I made sure to grab the one that DOESN'T autoplay, you're welcome) and by getting a fuckton of views on it, I can win shit. Yay winning things! See, there's a contest dealio going on and the person who gets the most views for their posted widget gets an autograph. I want an autograph. I want it bad. I know I'm not going to win because I don't win things (583rd in the Gaiman contest, woooo, but thank you to everyone who voted), but I can tryyyyy.

So, poke the widget, stroke it's buttons, and leave me comments or something. We can have long conversations about how I've been a fan of The Cruxshadows since Bill was YOUNGER THAN MALLY. I loves them and they are my MOST favourite band ever ever. Annnnnnnnnnnnd Jer and my song is on the widget, too. <33 I think that's great.

*sets up pleady, sad eyed Bill (thank you, pseudoblu!)*

ALSO, I'm not locking this entry, so if you want to ship people over so they can join in and maybe read some of my Sims posts, that'd be cool. Just no wankers. I don't want to have to block people on my super awesome Cruxshadows post.

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