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*6 Months Later*

I'm getting real good at playing the Sims a shitton, then forgetting about it entirely for MONTHS on end, then getting into it again, rinse and repeat. But we're back into it again now, so hey, time for a post.

Happily (?) not a WHOLE lot has gone on in my recent playing, so there's not 400 million pictures needing posted and confusing family tree shit to detangle and try to make sense of.

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No Longer Unnamed Ghost Story, Stregat Manor, Part 5

So, hey, I actually finally fucking finished something. How crazy is that? It's in process of going up on THF right now, so I thought that I should remember to come over here and throw it up all fast like so you guys get it first, like you have been so far. <3 (but if you want to comment over there, too, I won't smack the keyboard out of your hands. ;) )

One, Two, Three, Four

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Sims Post of Postyness

I will admit in the here and now that I have no goddamn clue what's been going on, and I've been slacking YET AGAIN on playing in favour of playing 7 Days to Die. Zombies > Sims? ik.

And, DUDES, you know my mad fear of driving into a body of water? Guess who totally cruised their sweet motorbike into a lake in 7 Days to Die? YEP, ME. I had to drain a section of the water to get it back. Fucking horror show right there.

So,, anyway, judging by the last post I made, when last we left my Sims, all the kids had aged up, except for Iris who totally just died. Katia and Osvaldo were de-vamped, but left immortal, and moved out of the old family homestead so I could focus on another generation. After all, I think, what, like 13 kids is PROBABLY enough. I also had aged them up into elders just to put a stop to their mad boning spree and shut down the baby factory. Then the game glitched out and I THOUGHT it was because of them, so I reloaded and just moved them out as was and went on with things, BUT it turned out that the girl I was marrying Elliott off to was borked, so it wasn't them at all! But they're still off in the wilds being adults instead of elders. They haven't gone about having more kids, though, so that's something.

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Not Really a Sims Post, but Kinda a Sims Post

Since Origin was having a sale this..week? month? Whatever its time frame was, Jer got me the Sims 4 (or, really, got it for Mally, because I'm still content with 3. I have TONS of CC for 3 and I can't even change clothing patterns in 4), so...maybe Sims posts from there? I made a dude, his name is Damion. I got as far as making him and building him a house before I decided I'd kinda rather make dinner. >_> The controls are all weird and wonky and I'm being resistant to change. Chaaaaange. D:
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Super Mini Sims Posr

So, my last post here (and watching Dan and Phil play) made me want to play the Sims again, so I did! But, for like an hour, and then I had to go to the store with Jer.

BUT, having been out of the game and away from that family for SO LONG broke my emotional ties with them, so, like, they could all kinda die and I'd be like 'huh, sucks. Well, moving on', whereas before I would have been all 'NO, FUCK YOU, GAME, RELOADING.' AS SUCH, I've decided that it's time for Osvaldo and Katia to step aside and let the next generation take over the torch. So they've both been devamped so they can get old and die and make everyone sad.

BUT v2, vampires are kind of super annoying when you can't have them out in the sun ever, and there's a lifetime reward you can get so they can go out in the sun without ill effect and, oh, idk, learn to garden and fish and outdoor crap like that. Unfooooortunately it also makes them sort of...immortal. Forever. So, even as humans, they never age. So devamping them means NOTHING because they're STILL never going to age.


So I figure I'll wait for the girls to age up, then go build mum and dad a nice retirement cottage, CAS age them into elders, and then move them off to live out their eternal dotage in peace. And, like, maybe send a cat with them or something. idk.

Also, it turns out that Katia's eyes aren't all that much less dead husky blue than they were as a vampire. Pictures later.
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Ridiculously Belated Sims Post

So, yeah, four months, that is a while. AND I haven't actually played in all that time, but the act of resizing, cropping, and uploading photos has just been waaaaaay more effort than I can handle lately. Is it sad? Yeah. Is it a little pathetic? Yup. Is that just my life? Pretty much.

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For Realsie Sims Post

Wow, I went back to see what had happened since the last time I posted, and it's been about a million years, hasn't it? I either need to get better at thinking to post, or just post monthly HUGETASTIC posts, neither of which is going to happen because I know that I'm a slack.

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Another Mini Sims Post

I can't even pretend to have the energy or gumption to sit down, crop, resize, and upload the 400 million screenshots that I have waiting for my next Sims post, but I did want to talk about something super fast.

I didn't know this, but apparently plenty of other people did, but DID YOU KNOW that if you turn on the cheats (testingcheatsenabled true) you can go into your relationships and set them to whatever the fuck you want? Got an Opportunity to become best friends with someone? As long as you've talked once you can just pop in there and set yourself to BFFs with a click. AND you can do the same thing with your needs, though in that case you have to click and drag the bar into place instead of just clicking somewhere on the bar to set it. I'd never have to eat again! Or accidentally forget that a Sim had work at ridiculous AM and have them go to bed mega late!

Another fun thing, when I was looking at the Badges the other day (it's worked it's way into being my new goal of the game now that we're running low on vamps and such), and there was one called 'Swan Dive' where you need to have a non Supernatural lady Sim date and make out with a vampire, break up with them, then date and make out with a werewolf, then break up with them, then marry a vampire. I totally made a quick new Sim house (Edwob Cuack, Balah Swoon, and Charlilse Bullen; thank you, Cleolinda) and bashed that one out in like an hour. If you don't care if your Sims succeed at anything, you can get their relationships with other people up so fast. Who knew!

And, man, poor Edwob. He moves into a house with his lady love, Balah, makes out, gets dumped, then she starts making out with their other roommate, Charlilse, breaks his heart, too, then proceeds to go and marry some vampire dude with two teenage children and jam them all in a house with one sad couch and three sadder beds. If I was Edwob, I'd totally go sparklepire myself in the sun.