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Sims Post?!?!?

I haven't done one of these in a while, and by that I mean both an LJ post and a Sims post.

So, awhile back I made myself a new game since I'd forgotten what the hell I was doing in my last game, and it was getting to the point of family spread that it was bogging everything down terribly. Pretty much whenever I don't play for at least a month, I tend to start a new game.

This game started out with Alora and her fluffy ass cat Martigan. I decided that, this time out, I was going to see how long I could go in the game without getting my Sim a job of any stripe. After all, you can make money fishing, gardening, making and selling potions, selling off gems. There are tons of ways to make a living that doesn't require you to go out and get a job. I also decided that I wasn't going to bother trying to find her a love right away, which I usually do (actually, I usually make a couple just because the game is a thousand kinds of butts when it comes to trying to date). If she found someone that she liked, I'd give em a flirt, if not, eh, whatever. I'd find her something before she hit elder so that I could continue the family line. No bit.

Not far into the game I found out that Alora had a bit of a type, and that type was 'anyone that's already married, dating, or engaged'. Single dudes? Meh, whatever, no. Married guys? YES, GIMME. So, again, I decided whatever and figured I'd let her be a vile homewrecker.

Her first conquest was a fellow named Param Singh, who you may already know if you've played the Sims 3 in Moonlight Falls. He became quite the regular booty call, and, for a while, was the one and only for Alora until she met...Alfred? I think his name was Alfred. He was all over her like white on rice until the second time they went to hang out, at which point he was all appalled at her for 'cheating' on him (she hadn't seen Param ONCE in the interim, and she and Alfred weren't dating, so there was nothing to cheat on. Meanwhile, he was engaged, and later married the girl he was legit seeing. So, hypocrite). That bullshit soured me on him, and kinda on the whole 'playa' thing, so I dragged Param over, got knocked up, asked him to move in, had him move in with his dog, then had him call his wife over to 'hang out' (said wife is currently alive as I write this. Probably got a new dog at some point), at which point I had him break off their relationship so that I could marry him. Which I did. It's a whole happy family! I guess.

Soon along came Willow, a little werewolf baby (Param was a werewolf) who became a scientist. He got married and moved out, and I think he had a kid? idk, once I move someone out, they're pretty much off my radar. Willow is currently still alive.

After Willow we had Brownie, who ended up being a witch, like his mom was supposed to be but kind of never ended up being because it never gave me the option to do magic. But, hey, whatever, I guess. Brownie hit adult hood and married a lovely lady named Noemi who wanted to own a bar, so we bought a bar. Yay! Though, fun fact, The Toadstool and Warg's Tavern don't count as bars, so I got to buy a ton of venues before I managed to buy the RIGHT venue. Ugh.

Soon enough they started having kids of their own, ending up with Simon, Finn, and Cinnamon Bun, who was blonde for some reason, which was weird since Param and Noemi both had black hair and Alora and Brownie both had brown..ie red. RANDOM BLONDE. And, yes, Jer named Cinnamon Bun.

Then Alora died.

For a minute.

Seems if you are super BFFs with your cats, they will give the Reaper the stink eye until he agrees to give you more time, so Martigan saved Alora from death! What a good kitty. Double treats and a young again potion for you!

Finn got a new house of ladies made just for him since my town was an UTTER sausage fest and the only single gals in town at the moment were children. He ended up marrying a gal named Lilibeth. They never had any kids and both are dead now.

Cinnamon Bun married a lady named Geena (since he was younger, all the kid girls that were around when Finn and Simon were looking had grown into teenagers when he did, so he had some pickings). They had, like, three kids. And they're also dead now.

Brownie and Noemi are also dead, though Martigan once again stepped up and saved Brownie from the Reaper the first time he died. Good cat! More treats and young again potions.

Simon grew up and married a nice little ghost girl named Shanti, and let me tell you something about dating a ghost. It. Sucks. You can never call them because they don't exist in your friends bar unless they are in the building with you. At school with ghost school friends? Totally on the friend bar. At home? What ghost friends? Ugh. So I could never ask her on a date or anything. I always had to go over to her house and hang out there. Even once I got there I couldn't ask her to go out places, so we spent our whole teen courtship standing around in her tiny ass house (with her mom, dad, and two siblings, all in a house with one couch and a bed. Cozy). Finally she aged up, she and Simon got married, and Alora made her a tasty plate of ambrosia so she could stop being a ghost and we could start churning out non-ghost babies.

All in all they ended up having five kids, Sheehan (athlete), Sophie (doctor), Samson (borked and didn't age past a toddler. Vanished into the ether), Simone (also borked, moved out the second she became an adult. Musician), and Sammy (Cop, like his momma).

Sheehan married a neighbour vampire and had three kids before they split up. I think he's dating someone else now. He's an elder as of this writing.

Samson is basically a ghost in Sammy's house. Just because he doesn't exist doesn't mean he's gone because this game can be such a dick sometimes.

Simone had the same problem Samson did where, if she had a birthday, she'd do the 'yay, it's my birthday!' animation for, like, a second, and then just go back to doing her day. Once they have that broken birthday, that's it. They are that age forever. Going into the cheat menu and trigging age transition just makes them 'yay' and then they stop. Cake does nothing. Going into Create a Sim crashes the game. SO, the only thing I've found that lets me get around it is to save before birthdays if you're having this problem, and see if they age. If not, reload and CAS them. Age them that way. Then they don't have a birthday and they don't get all broken. Only thing is that the last trait that you gave them won't stick, so, as an adult, they'll have four traits instead of five. BUT you don't get stuck with perma toddlers. Anyway, Simone got moved out the second she hit adult because I didn't want to deal with her broken ass. VERY first thing she did on moving out was date three guys (in her first day out) and get pregnant (second day). So now she's got two kids and an elder husband named Donavon. She's presumably still a young adult since she doesn't age.

Sammy got left behind when I moved houses because I didn't want to deal with broken baby Samson anymore. He's now dating someone and has no kids. He also got to pick his own job, and I think it's kinda cute that he became a cop like his mom and maternal grandfather. It's like a family tradition!

Simon died shortly before moving houses, but, look at that! Martigan stepped up and saved him from death! Good cat! More treats and more young again potions as soon as you have enough reward points...OH GOD NO, MARTIGAN! D:

Thus Martigan died after saving three generations of my family. And if you think I didn't take him to the science lab and make him a ghost cat, you are damn well mistaken. Martigan for life! Or undeath. Afterlife?

Simon died again a couple days after the move, and Shanti about a week later. Sad.

Sophie, I decided, would be the bringer of my current generation. She ended up marrying a Donavon of her own (not related to Simone's) and had three kids; Katia, Sasha, and Rasputin. Sasha and Rasputin both ended up with creepy husky eyes, which, again, don't show up elsewhere in the family tree that I know of. Currently Katia is an adult and has an adopted daughter named Olga and a boyfriend that just damn well refuses to want to hang out EVER. It's so annoying when that happens. It's like 'yes, let's date...and then I never actually want to see you again.' Blar.

Sasha is in high school and seems to be hitting the same 'no girls in town' wall that Finn and Simon were dealing with. This town is just all Y chromosomes, I guess. But, hey, he's doing well in school.

Rasputin has been a kid for, like, a minute, so for all I know he's a total asshole. No clue on him.

And that brings us up to the last day of play I had, which is where things get to be interesting because I'm not trying to scrape them out of my memory.

A lot of my game has been just straight out grubbing for skills because, frankly, starting out with a person who was making all their bank on just selling gems set me behind a lot. By this point in my games I'm usually sitting on, like, a million monies, and this time, as of right now, I'm just over 100,000. Which seems like poor as hell in the Sims, but I would shit an entire cat if we suddenly had $100,000 in the bank. So, yeah, so much of my game is just staring that the monitor while people read. Awesome. Yawn. I haven't even had a terrible date! Like, all my kids invited someone over, got married, and boom, done. No sudden drowning deaths or anything. wtf.

Anyway, speaking of skill grubbing, Donavon was working on his handiness skill since he was in the Military career branch. He wanted to be an astronaut! And, frankly, by the use of past tense, you know this isn't going to end well. So, at some point one of the kids managed to break the dishwasher, so it's just vomiting up old food water all over the floor, which is nasty. But it's also a chance for Donavon to work on his handiness skill in a way that isn't sitting and reading a book for 20 hours. Yay! First attempt he got zapped (while I was upstairs with Sophie, giving little burrito baby Rasputin some cuddles). Since he got the zaps, he stopped trying to work on it, obvs, so when I came back down I was like 'hey, that's not fixed. Fix that.'

He gave it a good effort. He gave it his all. And it took all he had.

And Martigan didn't even TRY to save him. Bad cat.

Low, Donavon died as he lived, lying fetal in a pool of stagnant water and old food.

Then Katia had her birthday. Happy birthday, Katia. We got you a dead parent. Sims, I swear.

After that I asked Mally if she thought I should try to get Sophie remarried. After all, she was still an adult and she had two children in the house still, one of them a BABY. Mally said nah. So I ignored her and had Katia call up the guy she was making eyes at while she was a teenager who aged up before she did and IMMEDIATELY got married to someone who almost as immediately died of old age. So I knew he was available. He came over, he and Sophie hit it off, and within about four days Rasputin was no longer the baby of the family. Everyone say hi to little Ekaterine!

Kinda fun thing is that the new hubs in question is Gator Wolff, yet another starter town character for Moonlight Falls. See, werewolves don't age if they are in wolf form, and they will damn will spend every second that they can in wolf form, so you can have four generations of kids go through the elementary school making friends with Gator and Wilhemina. So, after a few generations, I hucked a cure potion at them all and make them human, and birthdays abounded. Thus Gator can marry the mom of my fourth generation even though everyone from gen 1 has been dead in the cold cold ground for, like, 180 Sim years. AND, even though this family has been around since time began, their third generation, with the inclusion of Ekaterine, has two kids. Two. Not much for breeding, them.

Anyway again, before I got Sophie knocked up with kid #4, I took a good look at Gator and decided that, nah, that's not a face I want to pass down to my kids. So I sent him to the hospital to get some things nipped and tucked, as we all know plastic surgery become hereditary. First time in I got the 'oh no, the doctor was just a random patient who found some scrubs!' and he came out all horrible. 900 monies down the drain! Try again and...the same damn thing. 900 more monies gone! Tried again for a third time with the more expensive option, hoping maybe paying more might get me an ACTUAL DOCTOR instead of just whoever was standing around, and this time it worked. I made him more presentable and sent him home to change his hair and clothing so he'd look dapper as well. This, however, I let Jer have say in, so now he looks like an Amish man about to go on an epic journey to find dragons or better fields to grow his beans in. It's...not really a look that fits a career politician.

Then Ekaterine, and then Katia adopted her daughter Olga, since it's damn hard to get pregnant when your boyfriend never feels like coming over or going out.

So, yeah, in the last two days of playing I've had one hubs die, one be horribly mutilated twice, and had two kids. I can't wait for Sasha, Rasputin, and Olga to age up and move out because this house is crowded as shit right now.

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May. 23rd, 2015 01:01 pm (UTC)
Digging the Willow refs. Still a fun watch! XD
May. 23rd, 2015 07:35 pm (UTC)
I love that someone got the reference. :D My Dannon family is going quite nicely.
May. 23rd, 2015 06:56 pm (UTC)
I love these posts! I don't know how you keep track of all of this, tbh. I'd have to take notes. But man alive, I lol'ed irl quite a few times just reading your account. xD
May. 23rd, 2015 07:37 pm (UTC)
I have a weird knack for remembering things that, in the long run, are SUPER unimportant. Like Sim names and bloodlines. If I could channel it into something useful, I'd be a millionaire!
May. 23rd, 2015 11:02 pm (UTC)
Your sims are way more interesting than mine. Mine are just homebodies who sell paintings and novels for a living and make a bajillion babies. I rarely get past a second generation, because I get too busy making a ton of babies.

I think the most interesting thing I've done is accidentally get sim!Volare knocked up thanks to a mod glitch.
May. 23rd, 2015 11:34 pm (UTC)
I've tried several times to have writer/painter sims, and I always end up forgetting to have them go paint and write so I suddenly have an elder with a writing skill of four and $3 to their name. >_>

I had an Mpreg mod once upon a time. Turned out it also let you have pregnant teens, which was just the saddest thing ever because my teen sim dad never got to see his kid because the mom was super antisocial.
May. 24th, 2015 02:25 am (UTC)
Saddest thing ever, but also most realistic!
May. 24th, 2015 06:31 am (UTC)
I just wanted to get them married so dude could live with his kid and she was so nothing doing. :( Dad taught the kid how to talk, though, so he got to have at least some input on his upbringing.
May. 30th, 2015 08:56 am (UTC)

I'm  back!   Didjoo miss me?  And reading your Sims post was a joy as always.

Jun. 1st, 2015 10:12 pm (UTC)

Uh, I mean hello there. :)

Sims, yo. I need to make a new post later about my adventures in commerce. It's so much dumbness, but also omg amazing in my sad little world.
Jun. 1st, 2015 08:57 pm (UTC)
It's like reading a soap opera on crack. X-D I love it!
Jun. 1st, 2015 10:15 pm (UTC)
It's all such a soap opera. Right now I have the game warning me that I need to 'cool things down' between Sophie and Osvaldo because 'people are starting to suspect' something is going on. ...Um, yeah, something is going on between my MARRIED SIMS WITH TWO CHILDREN. There's a whole relationship there, and babies. I don't think I need to 'cool' things down at all within the confines of a marriage just because the girl that Osvaldo kinda liked back in the day (who is also married and probably gets no flack for kissing her husband) might find out that he moved on roughly six Sim years ago.
Jun. 17th, 2015 09:24 am (UTC)
*lol* Either it's your sense of humor or how you write or your game really is on crack. Hilarious none the less!
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