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Divine Daring Dannons

At the end of the last post we had Ekaterine making goo goo eyes at an incredibly black gentleman in hopes of marrying him. Sadly after marrying him, having it bork, reloading, marrying him again, having it bork, reloading, having him move in, and having it bork AGAIN, I had them break up and sent him off on his way. Newly single and working through her disappointment with exercise, I had her and Olga move out to their own place where they could control their own destinies without my meddling. Currently they're both elders, and still living together. Olga is on her second husband (more on that in a second), and I don't think Ekaterine ever settled down. Seems I was trying to force her into a life she didn't even want.

So, before we get into the not meat of this boring kale sandwich of a playthrough, one interesting thing. Olga moved out, like I just mentioned, and started dating some dude. We'll call him Brandon because fucked if I know what his name was anymore. So, things are presumably going well between them, the game hasn't given me any pop ups to let me know that they've been fighting (one of the mods I have lets me know what's going on with basically everyone in town. New kid? Lets me know. Someone had a birthday? Boom, alerted. People get hitched? I'm gonna know. Which is pretty much the only way that I know that the Sims I move out of my main house have gone on to get married at all, really), and one day Olga invites Osvaldo to a party at her place. Mere minutes before the party starts I get an alert that 'time comes for us all' and Brandon has died. So now poor Olga has a houseful of people and a husband that's not even cold yet. Damn. So, being the good Sim dad that I am sometimes, I had Osvaldo console her and try to cheer her up, show some sympathy, you know? Then I had them gossip for the sake of tossing off another social interaction, and his gossip, swear to god, was 'Did you hear that Brandon Dannon just died? That's so sad.'

...Holy shit, Osvaldo. Way to step in it just so so hard. Pretty sure she knew that her husband died an hour ago, yeah.

So, yeah, that was a thing.

Also a thing? After I got Osvaldo and Katia married, I was looking at his family tree to see where he came from and it turns out that his grandfather is Willow. Yes, that Willow. Brownie's brother Willow. Katia's great grandfather's brother Willow. So it only took five generations to stop my family tree from branching. Aw yeah.

BUT, speaking of Osvaldo and Katia:

I'm 50 times more charismatic as I look.


Victory curls!


If you're thinking 'hey, they look also vampiric', then you are observant and get a cookie because they totally are vampires now. I just can't with the sloth ass rate regular sims gain skill levels. My newest daughter's charisma is already almost as high as her dad's after ONE mirror session than his is after A MILLION YEARS of practicing speeches. Ugh.

We also have...

*spooky mrow*

The oft mentioned Martigan! He doesn't really look like that anymore, as ghost cats are just a semi transparent blur of cat shaped colour, but that's mostly what he looked like back when he was alive, save for the glowing dead eyes. But, yeah, now you get to meet Martigan.

And, just to round out the random pictures, we've got Rasputin as well, since I ran into him at the library one day and was like, hey, why not.


Looking at him, he totally looks like someone, and I keep allllllmost getting who, and then it leaps out of my head before I can pin it down.

Anyway, last time Idris was a wee child, and since then he's not only grown into a teenager, but he's grown into a teenager, then an adult, and then totally got MARRIED and everything. Holy shit it's been a lot of playing since I posted last.

He once found a start and named it Heimdall.

He's got a nice little thatch of chest hair in the adult portrait, but it got cropped out. Boo.

The story of him and his wife is kinda wacky, though. Eva was a girl that he knew in school and, when hit hit the halfway mark on his teen years and I told him to start talking to friends instead of make new friends, he was all 'yeah, lets learn HER sign'. So, sure, let's do that. I invite her over and...young adult. gdi. You can't have young adults and teens date. It's grody. So instead I had them become super besties so he could ask her to move in and wait out his last two days of teenagerhood. Because that's not creepy at all. Happily once he aged up he still thought she was the hot hotness and she agreed, so they got married not long afterwards. I'm pretty sure they don't have any kids yet.

You can't even tell she's in her swimmy suit.

Eva, if you were wondering.

After they got married I cruised the neighbourhood for an empty house and found the uuuuutterly shitty one that I had built for Finn's stable of available ladies, so I fixed it up, made it nicer, gave it a second floor, saved...and promptly had some other motherfuckers move in there. (aside story! For the longest time the game kept telling me that Bart and Darius were having trouble finding a place to live, and I was like 'wait, Bart and Darius? omg, do I have an organic game created gay couple in town?' and it turned out that I TOTALLY DID. And Bart was of the Dannon family line, too. So I built them a nice little house to move into and they were happy for awhile, but now they're fighting and are probably going to split up. :( ) So I reloaded and moved Idris and Eva in there super fast because I didn't make that house for YOU, random other people. >:-[

Also with Idris out of the house, it means he can stop getting eaten by the goddamn cowplant every single day.

Of course now it keeps eating the maid, sooooo....

With the babies out of the house, poor Katia and Osvaldo are all alone with just their endless skill building (Katia needs 2 more points in cooking to make Ambrosia, Osvaldo needs another Charisma point and 2 for logic to make his job 100% happy), but you know that's probably a filthy lie since I didn't make them vampires so as to NOT have super skilled vampire babies. So hey, meet Alexander


And Aries

Double yo

the twins. Mally got to name them. And, ha, you thought it was a long since since the last post just because Idris had grown up and moved out, not only did he grow up and move out, but his baby siblings that were only just born when he got married are now TEENAGERS. It's totally been like 40 in game years at this point. Katia's siblings are starting to die off and everything.

I know how you feel, Katia.

And that's basically where we are now. Soon the town will be deghosted. Already I'm clearing down the fairy, werewolf, and vampire population with potent cure potions. Soon they will all be naught but mere mortals.

All of them...except for me.

*cackles into the darkness*

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Jun. 18th, 2015 02:20 am (UTC)
Cow. Plant.

Jun. 19th, 2015 04:31 am (UTC)
If you tend to it real nice, eventually you can milk it. :)
Jun. 19th, 2015 01:53 am (UTC)
Ha! Love it.

Osvaldo looks a bit like Jer. ;) Katia is awful pretty. Actually all your sims are pretty. Do you ever have ugly ones? I mean, I know if you marry pretty, you should get pretty, but. Just wondering.

Cow Plant! The cow plant in my game never eats random people. They just don't try to eat the cake. Dang it. And the only sim who ever actually died by cow plant in my game only did so because I made her eat the cake too soon after last time she got horked back up. I keep waiting for some random passer by to be nommed. *sad*
Jun. 19th, 2015 04:30 am (UTC)
I've gotten a couple Sims (usually married in) that weren't all that great to look at once I got to see them up close, so I've admittedly done a LOT of tweaking on people over the years to make them look a little more like what I'd want to pass down. Param, for example. I haaaaated his nose, but kinda hoped it wouldn't pass down to Willow and Brownie. Then it totes did, so they both got a little tweaking. Had I nipped it on Param, though, neither one would have had the issue. Then little Alexander here had a bad case of 'wait, what in the hell happened to your eyes?' when he became a teenager (they shrank by, like, half), so he got a little fix up. I maybe should have poked at his nose a little because it seems to be weirdly tiny, but I'm hoping it either fits better as an adult or looks better with a human skin tone.

My cow plant never eats strangers, but the people that come onto my lawn for business reasons seem to just WANT to get eaten. Which kinda sucks with the maid because he'll show up, start trying to eat the cow plant's tongue, then be all gross and horrified, so he just stands there on the lawn for an hour before saying he's done and leaves. I've had him claim to be done and scamper off while I had a semi flooded bathroom that needed a mopping! Crimeny. What do I pay these people for.
Jun. 19th, 2015 04:35 am (UTC)
The maids in the sims are worthless. They're no better in 4. Often you don't even see them. You go off to the bar or gym or something and when you get back, you get a message saying the maid has been round and you're out 60 simoleons or something and you don't notice a difference.

I miss tweaking! Unless I've missed it, you can't fiddle with the features of someone you didn't make. Your sim has a kid with a wonk nose, it's gonna stay wonk. Maybe they'll eventually add a makeover/plastic surgery reward like you can get in 3.
Jun. 19th, 2015 04:42 am (UTC)
I've totally had maids that just showed up, ate some ice cream, and left again. Even left the ice cream container on the counter. *head shake*

Poking at the internet a little, it looks like you should still be able to tweak Sims about. Pop into the console commands and type in 'testingcheats on' and you should be able to shift click a Sim and edit them in create a Sim. :)
Jun. 19th, 2015 04:44 am (UTC)
Sadly, once you get into CAS, you can't change things like facial features, eye color, etc. You can change eyebrows and hair, though. Idk, maybe I haven't fiddled enough and I need to try again.
Jun. 19th, 2015 04:45 am (UTC)
D: What is even the POINT of having create a Sim if you can't make people beautiful/horrible mutants?
Jun. 19th, 2015 04:46 am (UTC)
Haha, well you can make your original sim type person into a mutant and watch the genes propagate from there. Which sounds kinda fun, actually.
Jun. 19th, 2015 05:10 am (UTC)
Talking about horrible mutant Sims kinda makes me want to read the saga of Marduke the Flayer again.
Jul. 10th, 2015 09:22 pm (UTC)
The cowplant keeps cracking me up! X-D

Also, I LOVE the eyes on them vampire-twins! o.O
Jul. 11th, 2015 05:26 pm (UTC)
Since my town is just hellaciously overpopulated, I planted another cowplant out in the local park. So far it hasn't forever eaten anyone, but hopefully soon it will embrace it's roll as population control.

Vampire eyes are neat. They also glow in the dark, which makes it easier to tell who is and isn't a vampire when you're wandering around town.
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