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Mini 5am Sims Post

I'll post a decent post later when it's not 5am and I've resized/cropped photos and shit. This is just a quicky bit of wonk.

So, I think I've mentioned before that my game is borked because it keeps spawning items into my family inventory (for anyone who hasn't played the game, your family inventory is a part of the 'buy' menu where you can put things you already own that you don't want to sell but need out of the way. Like if you're redecorating and don't want a bunch of cupboards keeping you from moving walls, or if you move and keep your furniture it'll go there). Mostly it's paintings, but tonight I decided to go clear it out (if I used everything in there, I'd have no wall space or floor space. I mean, I have six Philosopher's Stones sitting in there, and you're supposed to have to BUY those with Lifetime Reward Points!) and, along with a bunch of paintings (roughly 50,000 simoleons worth) and a shocking number of books, there were SEVENTEEN cars. Seventeen! I haven't even bought *A* car as yet, let along seventeen of them!

I sold eleven of them, plonked one down in the driveway (it was the $19,000+ one, so, hey, why not)(though considering my Sim hubs goes everywhere in a stretch limo and my Sim lady flies around on a flying vacuum, neither of them are going to use it) and I'm saving the other five (all $9000+ cars) for my eventual next batch of kids to take with them when they move.

I swear, though. A solid half of the money my Sims have right now had probably come from random ass paintings and shit that just showed up in my inventory for no good reason. (and, no, none of my people are kleptos, so they aren't just robbing the town goddamn blind, though that would be kinda funny. All the Sims in town are stuck walking while we're sitting on a massive pile of cars)

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Jul. 22nd, 2015 12:41 am (UTC)
still so weird. That's not a glitch I'd heard of. (And lol at the flying vacuum. I never got that reward) But hey, it's nice bank.
Jul. 22nd, 2015 01:34 am (UTC)
It's definitely been great for making money, and a few things have made their way to the walls, ngl.

EVERYONE who's ever been a member of my house has been ALL OVER the flying vacuum. Just, like, if they have to leave, it's gonna be on that vacuum. I may want to get another.
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