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The Sim Ghostbusters

Aight, like I said, longer Sim post. Maybe. Kinda. I mean, things have been pretty uninteresting, but I guess I say that for every post.

So, for the most part I've been working my sad little toes off de-supernaturalling the town, as I decided that was going to be my goal. And, I thought I had talked about this already, but I went back and checked the posts, and apparently I haven't? Basically, deghosting the town is being a GIANT PAIN IN THE ASSMEAT. Like, Rasputin's wife was a ghost, so I all sorts of made her some ambrosia, took it over, put it on the table for her to eat, and then had some goddamn fairy plunk his butt down and eat it. You don't get ambrosia, fairy! You get a bottle of Potent Cure Potion upside your head! (aside: whenever I talk about the fairies in the game, I always feel like it comes off as being super homophobic and assholey even though I'm legit talking about wings and magic 'I do believe in' fairies) Then I go somewhere else, drop the ghostie an ambrosia, and AGAIN some random fairy sits down and eats it. So I go to make another plate and I get kicked out of the house before I can finish, so, boom, totally just out those ingredients. AND do you have any idea how hard it is to load up on Deathfish? They're ONLY available in the cemetery and ONLY between midnight and 5 or 6 am. If you're AMAZINGLY lucky, you'll get three.

(Buuuuuuut recently I had a bit of good brain thinking. When I got my Cowplant, I also got this Steampunk kitchen set, yeah? And in that set there was a fish tank you could put MULTIPLE fish in [because every kitchen needs a giant fish tank, I guess?] When I first got it and set it out to see what it looked like, I dumped a couple of jellyfish in it, as that's what I had, and later, when I went to 'manage' the tank and put in a toad, hey, look at that, those two jellyfish became three. Wacky. So I pulled the jellies and the toad out and put in some lobsters, so I'd totes have my own lobster tank, like a nice seafood place, and now I have SO MANY DAMN LOBSTERS. Then it occurred to me that if these other fish breed in there, maybe Deathfish would too? And, dude, they TOTALLY do. So now I have an endless supply as long as I keep feeding them. \o/)

Later I made ANOTHER plate of ambrosia, took it to ANOTHER ghost, and then watched them go to bed without eating it at all, and had to leave with it just moldering on the table. Sigh.

So I decided to say fuck trying to get these bastards to just EAT THE FOOOOOOOOD by going to their place and giving it to them. Now they get to come to ME. Which, as you know from previous writings, is nigh impossible because you can't call and invite them over. But you absolutely can go to the 'Edit Town' option in the game menu, find their house, split it up to pull them out, and then drop them into your house. So basically I've been ripping apart families, throwing ghosts in the back of my van, and dropping them off in a rather nice house with all the amenities they could want and constantly perfect level food of any kind they have faved. On top of that, they generally get a chance to gain the skills they need to go up work levels, and more often than not they improve their relationships with other people. It's kind of a sweet deal, really. Then, once I either get another Deathfish or another Life Fruit (or, if they're a ghost/fairy or ghost/vampire, a Glow Orb as well), Katia whips up a batch of ambrosia, I tell them to eat, and then I 'edit town' them back home again. As far as I can tell, right now there are three ghosts left in town. One is in my house right now, waiting for a Life Fruit. One was in the house for awhile, but for some reason she glitched and the ambrosia didn't take, so I'll deal with her later. And the last one is having an issue today, so I can't snatch her up rn. We're so close!

I didn't manage to snapshot everyone that's been shoved through the house so far, but I got a couple.

I think the blond might be Clayton? Cliffton? Maybe?

Fun thing is that, while looking at the old family trees, I found out that Brandy and Rudolfo (brothers) are also Katia's second cousins on their mom's side, and third cousins on their dad's. Everyone is related! Also I mostly took Jerri's photo because I got new hair in the Sim Store and I wanted to show it to Mally because she's got the same haircut right now, but she wasn't awake at the time.

That's been the big thing eating my Sims game time. Finding ghosts, moving ghosts in, waiting for plants to grow, feeding ghosts, moving ghosts back out. While I was dealing with Kurtis and his mom (Anne)(who I should have gotten a pic of because she was wearing a really cute cloche hat), his dad/her husband MOVED HOUSES without them. So when it was time to move them back, I had to look through town to figure out where he'd GONE.

While I've been working through all this, Aries grew up into a young adult.

Foofy hairs!

As did Alexander.

Eyeliner 4lyfe

After he hit adult, Alexander got moved out, where he promptly married his grandmother's widower's widow and had a kid. ...gross. But they're still together right now, some 40 Sim years later, so good for them.

Aries also grew up into an adult adult instead of just a young adult.

She's super done with this ghost shit.

I remembered to take a photo of her husband.

He's probably her fifth cousin or something, too.

I had them adopt a daughter, Fatima.

Fatima has been enjoying my SimStore purchases.

And HAVE a daughter, Minerva.

Mini fun story: I found this photo in the screenshot folder and was all 'who the hell is this?' because, right now, Minerva is a teenager, but I was going to move her and Aries and Rashad out as soon as Fatima became an adult, so I went into Create a Sim, aged her to adult, and took a snap since I knew I wouldn't get a chance to do it legit. And, yes, she's wearing a little tiara.

Fatima aged into an adult, since my game is 90% 'TIME PASSED'.

No ore jaunty top hats for her. :(

She's got a kid now, named Autumn, and a husband/boyfriend that died. Sad.

Once Fatima aged up, I moved her into her own little place, then made another place on The Row nicer for Aries, Rashad, and toddler Minerva. And, OF COURSE, while I was getting things squared at home, fucking Bart and Darius bought the house out from under me. That's the SECOND house they've snapped up the minute I got it all nice and set. You'd think every other house in town was a giant shithole or something. And, yes, they're still fighting, and have been since Aries herself was an infant. Make it work or let it die, fellas. Jesus.

Before Aries could move out, I had her paint a nice little still life, though, since she's a level 10 painter.

Cowplant painting!

Theeeen, since I had a nice, mostly empty house, I yanked goddamn Bart and Darius (and their FOUR DOGS) out of their house and shoved them into mine, where I made one of them throw a Potent Friendship Potion at the other and made them super besties again instead of nemesises. Because shut it, dudes. There dogs were terrible, too. They were in my house all of four in game house and they STILL managed to go about wrecking up my furniture and shiz. Dumb, poorly trained dogs. They're just not as good as cats.

Especially not cats with SUPERPOWERS.

Nyooooom! Supercat!

Okay, yeah, so that was just a game glitch, but it was still fun to see Kitty flying through the air in the kitchen. Also, I swear, the people making these games have 100% had cats in theirs lives, because just LOOK at this dumb bastard.

Little foots!\

I have approximately 84 million photos of Fury sleeping JUST like that. Dumb baaaaabies. <3

Anyway, once I got Bart, Darius, and the dogs out (woof, woof), the house seemed super empty...so of course it was time to adopt another kid!

Say 'hi' to Erich!

Who, of course, is a teenager now.

Hi again, Erich!

Erich's going to be staying in the house for awhile because I'm pretty sure I have some fairy based achievements to get, so he gets to help me get them. :) Such a good boy.

Kinda weird thing is that, in this game, I've adopted a lot of kids (sort of), and I've yet to get a single black or asian or hispanic looking kid. Not a one. I had another game awhile back where one of the dudes had the lifetime goal to raise 10 kids from babies to teenagers, so I adopted six kids straight off. All but two were black. This time, not a one. And, I mean, hell, there are BLUE and PINK and PURPLE people in my town, and I've not gotten any of those, either. Where's my diversity, dammit. Maybe the next time I adopt a kid we'll get someone more pigmented.

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Jul. 24th, 2015 12:32 am (UTC)
Your people are from up around this way, where there really /are/ no black people. Guess we have Mexicans, though. Hm.

Goofy red kitty. Mister's cat lies like that all the time, too. No flying through the air, though.

Fatima is pretty cute. I was wondering about that outfit until I saw your caption. Super cute!

The de-supernaturaling sounds tedious as hell, though yeah, Idk how else you would do it. There are ghosts in Sims 4, but I don't think you can un-ghostify them.
Jul. 24th, 2015 02:28 am (UTC)
I may just have to straight up move some sliders around and create a few more ethnic people in this town. It seems like there are hardy any POC ANYWHERE, not just at the adoption agency.

Sim cats are great. I kinda love it when they go to jump off a counter or something and land on their faces. Dumb babies. <3

I am honestly a little surprised that all the kids that I've adopted thus far have been cute just straight out. Like, my genetic kids, yeah, it's hard to have everything go wrong when both your parents are lookers, but who knows what you're going to get otherwise. But, as yet, no weirdly shaped noses, no untowardly tiny eyes, no fucked up moths. They've been cute.

Desupernaturalling IS tedious, if mostly just because my plants seem like they're taking a million years to grow.I should have had a fairy in the house from the start since they can cast 'bloom' and make a plant instantly fruit. But of course I couldn't have thought of that earlier or anything. And, in all honesty, I could just go into the options menu and turn off ghosts/vamps/fairies, but then I wouldn't have my cats or my vamp couple or their little fairy baby, so doing it the excessively long way seems kinda worth it.
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