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Another Mini Sims Post

I can't even pretend to have the energy or gumption to sit down, crop, resize, and upload the 400 million screenshots that I have waiting for my next Sims post, but I did want to talk about something super fast.

I didn't know this, but apparently plenty of other people did, but DID YOU KNOW that if you turn on the cheats (testingcheatsenabled true) you can go into your relationships and set them to whatever the fuck you want? Got an Opportunity to become best friends with someone? As long as you've talked once you can just pop in there and set yourself to BFFs with a click. AND you can do the same thing with your needs, though in that case you have to click and drag the bar into place instead of just clicking somewhere on the bar to set it. I'd never have to eat again! Or accidentally forget that a Sim had work at ridiculous AM and have them go to bed mega late!

Another fun thing, when I was looking at the Badges the other day (it's worked it's way into being my new goal of the game now that we're running low on vamps and such), and there was one called 'Swan Dive' where you need to have a non Supernatural lady Sim date and make out with a vampire, break up with them, then date and make out with a werewolf, then break up with them, then marry a vampire. I totally made a quick new Sim house (Edwob Cuack, Balah Swoon, and Charlilse Bullen; thank you, Cleolinda) and bashed that one out in like an hour. If you don't care if your Sims succeed at anything, you can get their relationships with other people up so fast. Who knew!

And, man, poor Edwob. He moves into a house with his lady love, Balah, makes out, gets dumped, then she starts making out with their other roommate, Charlilse, breaks his heart, too, then proceeds to go and marry some vampire dude with two teenage children and jam them all in a house with one sad couch and three sadder beds. If I was Edwob, I'd totally go sparklepire myself in the sun.

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